In late 2016, our founder Darren visited his wifeʼs hometown of Shengzhou, China. Producing over 200 million neckties every year, it’s known as the necktie capital of the world. He was surprised to hear that despite the high prices of neckties, most manufacturers were struggling. After doing some research, he found the middlemen were paying manufacturers very little and charging consumers way too much.

It was then he came up with a rough idea of how to improve the situation for everyone. He spoke with the worldʼs premium tie manufacturers who created ties for top luxury brands as well as his friends in the internet industry, then assembled a team.

With the goal of tying the manufacturers, designers, and customers together to eliminate the need for a middleman, Darren established the brand Origin ties. By doing so he believed everyone in the industry would win.

Origin Ties is a brand that will do whatever it takes to turn first-time customers into raving fans. When we say whatever it takes, we mean whatever it takes. With our signature Reprice Privilege, we let you decide the price of any product after you receive it.

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